Good Dog Bar & Restaurant


Good Dog Bar & Restaurant

224 South 15th St., Philadelphia, PA 19102

Hello, All!  It has been a while since thetownbug has commented on any note-worthy bar experiences within Philadelphia, but we do not want to suggest anything not “note-worthy,” as we have already put it.  However, we have missed you!

If anyone is looking for an interesting place to venture during the dog days of summer, try Good Dog Bar & Restaurant.

Let’s break the establishment down.  There are three floors.  The first is the typical bar.  Walk up the stairs and you will find yourself facing a dimly lit 2nd bar with a decent amount of tables.  On the 3rd floor, there is a pool table and tables to sit and hangout.

Although there is not waitress service, this, in a way, adds to the quirkiness of the bar.  Food and drinks are ordered at the bar , and your order is than delivered to you depending where you say you are sitting.  It’s not a bad system.

The cons: it can get hot during the summer.  We’re talking, 4 or 5 beers are needed to cope with the humidity.

The pros: great food (it’s even on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives), amazing beers, great specials; especially on Wednesday nights.

Stop by, you surely will not be disappointed.    By the way, do yourselves a favor and try the burgers.

Official Website:


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Natalie Munroe’s Return


A response to Mrs. Natalie Munroe’s Post.

thetownbug has read many comments on Natalie’s return.  One struck.

skywalker said…

I salute you! The kids “nowadays” know they can sue and do whatever they want because thats what their parents and society has taught them. So respect, honor and common decency have left the land. I am your biggest fan! A teacher altered the course of my life.

July 28, 2011 5:10 PM

I would have directly commented this, however, Natalie must approve this post.  thetownbug’s response is:
@skywalker: 1. The students that Natalie awkwardly spewed her overaggressive attitude do not reciprocate to the point of suing someone of such little importance. Not only have I not seen a blog referring to the “news-worthy” Munroe prior to this embarrassing incident, I have yet to see a reference regarding anything but the ridiculousness of her assertions. 2. There are so many more people that are actually of significance that you could “idol,” or “be a fan.”

Carry on, Skywalker.

Please note that the less than 50 people that care to comment (and ultimately support Mrs. Munroe’s “cause”??) are ONLY accepted.

You may visit Munroe’s site at:

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Memorial Day in Philadelphia… or, Maybe the Shore?


Kick off your summer with this Memorial Day weekend in the city of brotherly love.  There, of course, will be various events in Philadelphia celebrating Memorial Day, but which one to choose?  Let thetownbug suggest the best options.

Cavanaugh’s River Deck will be throwing its Philly’s Shore Spot Party from 12PM-12AM on Saturday, May 28.  Enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather this Memorial Day weekend on the river.

Specials include $10 Landshark buckets during the day, and $3 Miller Lite pounders from 10PM-Midnight.

Check out thetownbug’s “New Spots” section for more information, or visit Cavanaugh River Deck’s website:

On Sunday, visit Mad River in Old City.  Hosting their 2nd Annul Sandy Memorial Day Party, on Sunday, May 29, Mad River attempts to bring the beach to those unable to make it to the shore.  There will be a sand filled deck, palm trees, and hammocks, as well as staff in swimwear.

Specials include $3 Coronas and El Jimador Shots/Margaritas, $6 Limona Coronas, and $1 Tacos.  Plus, if you sport flip-flops, sombreros, and any other type of beachwear you will receive a complimentary margarita.

There is more information provided about Mad River Old City in thetownbug’s “New Spots” section of the site, or visit Mad River’s website:

A new bar has opened in Northern Liberties.  Although it might seem like a bit of a hassle to access, what is in store at this next spot is more than worth it.  Chenango Restaurant provides city dwellers with an amazing outdoor patio that brings the best part of having a backyard to the city- barbeques! Every Saturday and Sunday at 2:30 PM, Chenango begins their outdoor barbeque, featuring a one price, all-you-can-eat, chicken, hamburger, and hotdog feast, perfect for this Memorial Day weekend.

To access this Chenango, take the Market-Frankford subway line from City Hall, Eastbound, to Girard Ave.

Visit the website at

If you are heading to the shore, two spots to check out are Whitebrier Restaurant, in Avalon, NJ, and Ocean Drive (“The O.D.”), in Sea Isle City.  These two beach nightclubs are the go-to for the jersey shore, where you’re guaranteed a memorable night.

The O.D. will have a Friday happy hour special from 8AM-12PM with $2.50 Bud Light bottles and OD Sunday Lemonades with free breakfast.

Although Ocean Drive might be a little more night-club-esque than beach-bar atmosphere, Whitebrier’s Octopus Garden offers both outdoor and indoor bar areas with a laid-back atmosphere.

The OD’s website:

WhiteBriar’s website:

So take your pick from thetownbug’s selections.  You won’t be disappointed.

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Deer Tick


Recently thetownbug’s Entertainment section has been rather inactive.  Due to thetownbug’s commitment to bringing music that is truly unlike the mass-produced* pop/punk new wave of music, it has been slim pickin’s in the music department.  With that being said, thank you, Deer Tick, for traveling down a different path to provide music that is unique. (*Please note, a follower brought to our attention the lack of consideration using the term ‘mass-produced’, thetownbug acknowledges the inappropriate slander of an entire genre of music.  For this, we sincerely apologize. The message that was trying to be conveyed was that there are many pop/punk bands, which other sites are dedicated to promoting.  thetownbug tries to be an outlet for those who do not necessarily like pop/punk, and, as well as,  for those that do and bring light to music that other sites might not report on due to popularity.   thetownbug acknowledges that there are bands that have a tremendous amount of talent within and outside of Philadelphia.)

After having various band member change-ups, Deer Tick has finally seemed to master the formula which brings excellence to their music.  The self-proclaimed “rock n roll” band accredits music legends Tom Petty and Sammy Davis, Jr. for inspiring their heartfelt music ranging from topics about love, heartbreak, self discovery, and, of course, life.  Their mastery at lyricism leaves songs to be decoded by listeners to find the deep-rooted meanings.

Deer Tick’s music can be defined as indie folk-rock with a drop of country thrown into the mix.  Deer Tick gained recognition after their first televised performance on the Late Show with David Letterman, which served to showcase their week-prior release of their 2010 album, The Black Dirt Sessions.  Instead, Deer Tick chose to perform their song, “Baltimore Blues No. 1,” from their first album, War Elephant.  This unusual move is a testament to the offbeat nature of Deer Tick and their ambition to remain original in everything they do.

Below is Deer Tick’s “Twenty Miles” from The Black Dirt Sessions.

Here is Baltimore Blues No. 1,” which was performed on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Visit Deer Tick’s official website at or visit their Myspace for more of their music at  As directed on their Myspace, please be sure to check out their official Facebook page,

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Philadelphia’s South 9th Street Italian Market Festival


What better way to enjoy the break of beautiful weather in Philadelphia than attending an outdoor festival?  Philly’s South 9th Street Italian Market Festival will be this Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15, from 10 AM to 5 PM, rain or shine.  The nation’s oldest outdoor market celebrates with this annual tradition along South 9th Street, from around Fitzwater Street to Federal Street.

Enjoy delicious food and drink, artisan vendors, as well as various performances and a Half Ball Tournament to benefit the Mummers Fancy Brigades.  Of course, as with any Italian festival, there will be a Procession of Saints, which will be on Sunday at 11 AM, starting at Saint Mary Magdalen Church, located at 712 Montrose. thetownbug promises this festival is an ideal way to get out and about in Philly, and, hey, it’s a great excuse to day drink!

This year, an after party will be held at South Philly Bar and Grill at 9th Street and Passyunk Ave.

Visit the Italian Market Festival official website at or follow on Facebook:

Here is a map to help navigate the Festival.

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Where Should You Spend Your Cinco de Mayo In Philly?


Where Should You Spend Your Cinco de Mayo In Philly?

The popular Mexican holiday, Cinco de Mayo, is rapidly approaching.  Next Thursday, May 5, 2011, you might find yourself questioning where exactly are the best places in Philadelphia to celebrate.  Let thetownbug route through the options and provide its top picks for you!

McGillin’s Olde Ale House

1310 Dury St., Philadelphia, PA 19107

First, an unlikely choice, but still a favorite, McGillin’s Olde Ale House puts an Irish twist on the holiday, hosting its “Cinco de Mayo Fiesta.”  There will be Mexican music, a long list of Margaritas (of course), Mexican food and beer, and even a piñata!  Comically, McGillin’s will be toasting Charlie Sheen, who has a Mexican grandmother and Irish grandfather.  Hey, why not?  Frozen Peach Daiquiris, Rum Runner, and Malibu Bay Breezes will also be available.  McGillin’s Cinco de Mayo Fiesta will be running from May 1 through May 5.

Visit for more information regarding McGillin’s, or check out thetownbug’s review under the “New Spots” section.

Cavanaugh’s River Deck

417 N. Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19123

Enjoy Cavanaugh’s Cinco de Mayo outdoor festivities on their river deck!  Radio station WRFF 104.5 will be broadcasting live at Cavanaugh’s, giving fiesta goers the opportunity to win free Kenny Chesney tickets (If country music is your thing.)  Drink specials include $3.00 Coronas, Corona Lights, and $5.00 Sauza Margartias.  Food specials include $5.00 quesadilla appetizers. Although the specials are limited, Cav’s is the closest option to feel as if you were in Mexico for Cinco de Mayo, provided the weather remains favorable for outdoor fiestas.

Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse location will also be hosting a Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

Visit the Cavanaugh’s River Deck for more information regarding the bar at, or check out Cavanaugh’s under thetownbug’s “New Spots” section for an honest review!

2011 March of the Sombreros

South St., Philadelphia, PA 19106

Philadelphia’s popular March of the Sombreros, hosted by Philly2night, is back for its fourth run in Philadelphia.  Bars along South Street will be providing amazing specials that include $3.00 Coronas and Corona Lights, $3.00 Cazadores Margaritas, and $5.00 Limon-a-Coronas.  “Marchers” will receive a free sombrero, a custom mustache, and a passport guide to each participating location, as well as chances to win various prizes throughout the night.

Please note that only registered guests will receive the perks listed above.  Registration is FREE and easy, simply sign up at the Philly2night website at:  (This is also the main event website)

This event will last from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  Participating locations are Manny Browns, Paddy Whacks, Dobbs, Jon’s Bar & Grill, Wooly Mammoth, O’Neals Pub, and Reef Caribbean Lounge.  A plus to attending this event is that these bars will also be providing their own individual specials throughout the night.

Do not miss this fun event; over 500 people attended last year!

So there you have it! A list of which events thetownbug believes will be the best value and overall fiesta for Cinco de Mayo!  Go out and get your Mexican fiesta on!

*More events may be added.

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Manny Brown’s Bar and Grill


Manny Brown’s Bar & Grill

512 South St., Philadelphia, PA 19147

Often times it is easy to be faced with a challenge when finding the perfect location to grab a brew on Philadelphia’s touristy South Street.  Finally, there is a bar that will bring relief to the South Street bar confusion.  With three locations, Manny Brown’s Bar & Grill has successfully made itself a force to be reckoned with on Philadelphia’s South Street.  The bar’s extremely laid-back environment and friendly bartenders provides a warm welcome to anyone who stops in for a beer.  Especially appealing is that, with the current shift of warm weather, Manny Brown’s opens its front windows, virtually eliminating its front “wall”.

The approximately 20 plus beers on tap at Manny Brown’s include the usual domestics as well as a fairly wide range of international and local microbrewery beers.  Particularly unusual and unique to Manny Brown’s, which thetownbug cannot rave about enough, is the amount of canned beers available.  At first mention, the thought of canned beer brings connotations of frat-boy favorites; however, Manny Brown’s offers canned beers that are, quite frankly, delicious.  In fact, there were many beers available that many probably do not even know are available in-the-can.  thetownbug especially enjoyed Dale’s Pale Ale.  Furthermore, during Phillies games and on Wednesday’s there is a $2 and $3 select canned beer special that thetownbug encourages everyone to try!  (Please not the emphasis on the word select.  Although the special selection is large, including, but not limited to Sly Fox, Brooklyn Lager, and Dale’s Pale Ale, some canned beers are NOT included.)

Aside from their beer offerings, Manny Brown’s food menu has pub favorites with nachos, steak sandwiches, burgers, wings and more.

Manny Brown’s Bar & Grill is definitely a worthwhile bar on South Street.

Visit Manny’Browns Bar & Grill’s website at:

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